57mm illuminating rocket

EDePro company has successfully developed and tested 57mm illuminating rocket. This rocket has multiple applications primarily in Naval Operations and Costal Protection such as anti-piracy, anti-illegal immigration, anti-drugs traffic, search and resque and target practice.
57mm illuminating rocket has following technical characteristics:

Total rocket weight ≤ 3.5 kg
Total rocket length ≤ 750 mm
Rocket body diameter 57 mm
Rocket fin diameter ≤ 140 mm

Range > 4km
Descent rate 4 M/sec
Flare output: > 300 candelas
Flare burn time > 70 sec.
57mm illuminating rocket consists of following subsystems:

1.    Parachute compartment
2.    Illuminating candle compartment
3.    Rocket motor case with composite solid propellant grain
4.    Nose cone with parachute deploying mechanism
5.    Rocket nozzle section with stabilize fins

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