Highly lethal Advanced Light Attack System represents highly lethal Advanced Light Attack System imagined as fire & forget and fire, observe and update, multipurpose, TV guided weapon system. Basic idea was derived from long engineering experience in the design of aeronautical and rocket systems, as well as following the latest world trends in the field of the unmanned systems for different applications.

ALAS missile system is intended primarily for an anti-tank, anti-ship combat and land attack bombardment missions. It can be launched from light land vehicles, small ships or helicopters, utilizing a fiber optic data link to transmit and receive commands. Important application would be to conduct surgical strikes until heavier forces are available. Using its range it should extend the ALAS close-combat kill zone from 5 to 15 km and up to 25km from the first combat line.

ALAS missile system is now in flight prototype test integration cycle. During test phase was performed different verification tests of propulsion group, communications and command and control subsystems.

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