EDePro – Company Profile

EDePro is engaged in the research, development, production, and trade in the new, and modernization of the existing munitions and defense equipment, as well as in the application of high-tech solutions in hailstorm defense, as well as in other civilian applications.


The Company EDePro (Engine Development and Production) has a long tradition in the development, design, and production of turbojet and rocket engines. The foundations of the Company were laid thirty years ago, when the Laboratory for Jet Propulsion was founded at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University in Belgrade. Nowadays EDePro has grown into a successful, internationally renowned Company engaged in the research, development, production, and trade of the new and modernization of the existing munitions and defense equipment, as well as in the application of high‐tech solutions in hailstorm defense and other civilian applications.

Company Profile

The EDePro Company has been, for years, among the leading organizations engaged in the design and production of turbojet and rocket propulsion systems of different types and applications. The flexibility in the design has enabled the accomplishment of high performances of the realized solutions and, on the other hand, it has enabled the possibility of fast realization of projects and activities in the defense and related industries.
The Company’s main effort is to permanently rely on the top-notch experts in the topical areas, and to pursue the philosophy of its own, original development, which results in a high level of efficiency in work and the quality of realized projects. Today, the Company employs the representatives of a few generations of experts and specialists and, hence EDePro employs 7 PhDs, 14 Masters of Science, and different specialists in fields, which are important for its operations. Besides, a certain number of Company’s experts are engaged as lecturers on undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University in Belgrade.
Director of EDePro, the full‐time Professor Branislav Jojić, PhD, is also the head of the Department of Aeronautics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade.

Strategic Commitments

The strategic commitments of EDePro are:

  • Research and development in the field of jet propulsion, based on liquid fuels and solid propellants;
  • Design and production of low‐output and thrust turbojet engines intended for UAV, motor glider, helicopter, and mock-up power plants;
  • Development, design, and production of unmanned aerial vehicles for different applications;
  • Development, design and production of INS/IMU units and board integrated autopilots for different flying platforms;
  • Overhaul and modernization of the existing munitions and weapon systems;
  • Various training programs, expert, specialist, and scientific courses in the areas of the Company’s expertise and transfer of different technologies.

The business policy of EDePro Company defines the activities in the production, educational, and development sectors.

Production Programs

The Company production program includes the following projects:
rocket motor for 122 mm artillery rockets, GM and G‐2000, intended for use on multiple rocket launcher systems BM‐21 “GRAD”, gyro‐stabilized artillery rocket R‐107 of 107mm caliber for multi‐barreled rocket launchers with the maximum range of 11 kilometers, gas generators for artillery ammunition, with calibers ranging from 76mm to 155 mm, composite solid propellant sustainer rocket motor for air defense system Neva/Pechora. Different types of INS/IMU units and board autopilot sets for different flying platforms.

Development Programs

The large part of EDePro’s production and development program is based on original design and production of low-to-medium-power gas turbine systems. EDepro activities are focused on three product lines: turbojet engines for missiles, target drones and unmanned aircraft, auxiliary power units and starting systems.
The development programs include current research projects such as: small TMM‐ 040 Mongoose turbojet engine of the 400 N thrust, multi‐purpose ALAS guided missile system, tip jet rotor helicopter system, hybrid artillery ammunition of 155 mm caliber RA/BB with rocket motor and gas generator unit.

Educational Programs

The educational programs include activities which are harmonized with the curriculum of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, and they are intended for education and specialization of research staff in the field of jet propulsion. By using the advanced CAD/CAM design methods, the course attendants are presented with the latest design methods, and everything is done through practical work on real designs and development programs. Also, the course attendants are enabled to interactively participate in the implementation of new technologies and contents in the design process. Based on a rich experience, gained by educating multiple generations of foreign students from different countries, EDePro guarantees a high level of quality of the knowledge acquired by all course attendants.

Laboratories for Turbojet Engines and Rocket Motors

EDePro Company has technologically advanced testing laboratories for turbojet engines and rocket motors, solid rocket propellants as well as for the materials used in aircraft construction. Turbojet engine testing lab has an advanced platform for testing turbojet engines in realistic operational conditions. The modern acquisition and measuring equipment enables a large number of parameters to be measured and recorded in real time. Therefore, these EDePro Company laboratories are among the rare ones of this kind in this part of Europe.