155mm Hybrid Rocket Assisted–Base Bleed Artillery Projectile


HE RA/BB 155mm projectile is rocket assisted base bleed projectile that will extend the operational range of most 39, 45 and 52 caliber 155mm gun howitzers by 10km, depending on the gun and charge used. The biggest contribution is on the 39 caliber gun howitzers which will have the same performances as 52 caliber system with ERFB-BB projectiles.

HE RA/BB 155mm projectile intent is not to replace existing HE projectiles. It complements existing ammunition systems for greater ranges, requiring no special training or logistics. HE RA/BB 155mm enables 39 caliber 155mm gun howitzer to engage enemy battle units at greater ranges, well beyond the range of their counter battery fire. It also enables long range harassment fire onto enemy logistic lines, forcing them to deploy an additional +10 km from front edge of the battle area. Its terminal effectiveness (blast and fragmentation) is the same as that of the standard round. Penetration/piercing capabilities will give excellent performances in anti-structural use.


Technical Characteristics: Value
Caliber 154.74 mm
Total Mass Defuzed 47.59 kg
Length Defuzed 808 mm
Explosive Charge – TNT Mass ~4.6 kg
Rotating Band Diameter 157.86 mm
Solid Rocket Propellant Grain Mass ~3.4 kg
Base Bleed Propellant Grain Mass ~1.3 kg
Ballistic data (EST): Value
Projectile with Fuze 899 mm
Total Mass 48.15 kg
Muzzle Velocity 940 m/s
Maximum Chamber Pressure 430 Mpa
Maximum Range 56200 m
Accuracy: Dispersion in Length 0.75%
Accuracy: Dispersion in Side 0.75%
Temperature Range -40 °C ~ +63°C
Rocket Motor Carackteristics Value
Total Impulse > 5600 Ns
Propellant Mass ~3.4 kg
Specific Impulse > 1650 Ns/kg
Ignition Delay 17 s ± 2s
+ Forces Acting upon Propellant Grain Value
“g” Level 16000 g max
Rotation Speed 18000 rev/ min
= EDePro Thermoplastic Composite Propellant-Type Flexolite F7 (burning rate low sensitivity to spin, high mechanical properties)



  • M109ASeries (USA)
  • M198 (USA)
  • M114/39 (USA/Netherlands)
  • FH77B (Sweden)
  • FH70 (UK, Germany, Italy)
  • M139 (Netherlands)
  • M46/84 (Serbia) …