In the age when replacement of weapons, whose life time has expired with new ones becomes more and more expensive, there is an effective, cheaper way to revitalize your very expensive systems. Overhaul.

Originally the shelf-life of the Neva/Pechora rocket is 10 years. Applying the process of overhauls this lifetime is extended for another 10 years, with minimal investments, and if you do a checkup you’ll extend it for a further 10 years.

Overhauling the missile Neva/Pechora in the first place demands replacement of the motor section with a new rocket motor. It’s characteristics fully correspond to the original one. The whole process is based on a simple dismount-mount procedure.

Why? After a period of designated time, degradation of the propellant grain of the rocket motor is inevitable and the precaution measures dictate the possibility of the system being used. If all the subsystems on the missile function correctly, why dispose of the whole system?


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