S 8 Rocket [KOM/KOE]

The S-8 is a rocket developed by the Soviet Air Force for use by military aircraft. It remains in service with the Russian Air Force and various export customers.

Developed in the 1970s, the S-8 is an 80 mm (3.1 in) rocket used by fighter jets and helicopters. The S-8 is generally carried in the B series of rocket pods, carrying either seven or twenty rockets.

We used cylindrical geometry with two types of propellant grain, instead of a star geometry and single type of propellant grain, while retaining the same performances. The rocket propellant, which is used for grain production, is a modern thermoplastic composite propellant with a greater total impulse then the original propellant.

Steel nozzle with ablative material protection has six steel throats same as the original motor.

These rockets are intended to engage different kinds of ground targets (from manpower to armored material). The S-8 system is the main caliber weapon in the class of unguided aircraft rockets and can solve a variety of aircraft missions.

ROCKET Technical characteristics: “S-8” ORIGINAL “S-8” EDePro Units
Caliber 80 80 mm
Length 1570 1570 mm
Operation Temperature -60+60 -60+60 °C
Rocket Mass 10.7 10.7 kg
Grain Mass 3.70 3.65 kg
Burning Time 1.3 1.1 s
Total Motor Impulse 6350 6540 Ns
Length 515 515 mm
Warhead Mass 3.6 3.6 kg
Explosive Mass 0.9 0.9 kg
Armor penetration 400 420 mm

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