Anti-Hail Rocket EDePro AHR A8


Usage of this anti-hail rocket system is simple and fast. Operating the system can be mastered with only a few hours of training.

Rocket and container make a unique system, which is placed on the launcher. At the same time, container emulates the launcher which enables the rocket to be launched from its own container. This type of launching ensures that the rocket has great initial speed in excess of 80m/s. Also, rocket containers are reusable. It is also possible to launch the rocket from different types of launchers with minimal modifications to the launcher itself.

Rockets are almost completely made of thermoplastic materials, so as not to pollute the environment.

When the active phase of flight finishes (reagent has discharged), the rocket is self-destructed at a safe altitude, while completely harmless debris falls down. Two independent pyrotechnic timers provide the right timing for activation of operations necessary for rocket’s self-destruction.

Propellant grain of the main rocket motor is made of composite thermoplastic propellant and inhibitor. Rocket grain configuration is star shaped with burning forehead surface. The combustion chamber is made of composites (glass-epoxide) while the nozzle material is glass-phenolic.

The launcher enables the firing of a single rocket and the firing of a salvo of rockets, as well as a swift exchange of containers. The dimensions of the launcher are minimal. The construction is compact and robust and it enables swift gaining of elevation and azimuth.

Antihail rocket A8 is in operational use worldwide (Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Argentina, etc.)

Technical Characteristics: Value
Vertical range (elevation angle 850) 7750 m
Period of reagent emission 35* s
Moment of self-destruction 43* s
Operating temperature range for the rocket -30÷+60 °C
Ignition circuit resistance 1.2 Ω
Required electricity for the activation 0.68 A
Required voltage 24 V
Launcher Characteristics: Value
Caliber of container 60 mm
Caliber of rocket 55 mm
No. of containers 6 pcs
Launcher weight 65 kg
Elevation range (50 incr.) 450÷850
Azimuth range (50 incr.) 0÷3600
Geometric and mass characteristics of rocket A8: Value
Caliber 55 mm
Length 1201 mm
Mass 5.1 pcs
Center of gravity (measured from rocket nose tip) 544 kg
Container Geometric and mass characteristics: Value
Caliber 60 mm
Length 1422 mm
Mass 1.4 kg
Reagent generator: Value
Start of discharge 8* s
End of discharge 43* s
Reagent mass 400 g
Reagent activity at -100C 2.5 x 1013
Technical Characteristics: Value
Burning time 3.5 s
Motor total impulse 3500 Ns
Weight of propellant 1800 kg

*Adjustable according to Users requirements.