G-2000 MLRS GRAD 122mm Artillery Rocket

Rocket G-2000 is currently the longest range rocket on the market within its caliber. Its rocket motor has a completely new state of the art design. Warhead with fuse, the rocket guide and contact cover are identical to the original rocket GRAD.

Rocket “G-2000” is fully compatible with the mobile multi tube rocket launchers such as BM-21 and RM-70, or similar existing launchers.

Propellant grain is a single cylindrically shaped piece, which is inhibited along the outer surface and front end. It contains two types of propellant, which differ in burning rate. This has resulted in a high level loading factor, almost neutral burning and minimization of the silver being used.

Rocket propellant used for grain production is a modern thermoplastic composite propellant with a high percentage of aluminium , with burning temperatures exceeding 3000K and with a high value of specific impulse.
The steel nozzle with abounded ablative materials has one graphite throat.

Comparative technical characteristics of the G-2000 rocket regarding original GRAD rocket:

Technical Characteristic “GRAD Original” G-2000 Units
Caliber 122 122 mm
Length 2875 2875 mm
Operation Temperature -30 ÷ +50 -30 ÷ +50 °C
Total Mass 66 69 kg
Warhead Mass with Fuse 19.1 19.1 kg
Propellant Mass 20.45 27.3 kg
Burning Time 2.0 2.7 s
Total Motor Impulse 39700 62800 Ns
Specific Motor Impulse 1941 2300 Ns/kg
Max. Velocity at Xe. 690.6 1100 m/s
Top of the Trajectory at Xe. 7100 17800 m
Time of Flight at Xe. 76 126 s
Elevation 50 56.9 °
Maximum Range (Xe.) 20.3 40.2 km
CEP at max.range 1.27 0.96 %