Artillery Rocket System R267 mm


Using modern technical solutions, due to reduction of mean dispersion of target hits, it is possible to increase maximum range for the profitable firing with unguided missiles from 50 km up to 60 km, even up to 95 km. Moreover successful development of rocket motor and stabilization system of unguided missiles gives the possibility for latter use for the appropriate tactical guided missiles. All these rockets are with solid composite propellant rocket motor.

Main parts of every rocket are the fuse, the warhead, the rocket motor and the stabilization assembly.

R-267 rocket system is consisted of basic components, stated below:

– 267 mm unguided rocket.
– Rocket launching case (pre-packed launcher) or steel tube launcher.
– Firing control system (FCS).
– Transport and loading rocket truck.

Caliber 267 mm
Overall lengthFin Span 4227.5 mm
Fin span 566 mm
Overall mass 338.1 kg
Warhead mass 115 kg
Propellant mass 145.6kg
Total impulse of the motor 329.22 kNs
Burning time of the motor 6.2 km
Initial velocity 48 m/s
Max. velocity 1130 m/s
Max. range 60 km
Min. range 25 km
Caliber 267 mm
Length 4227.5 mm
Fin span 566 mm
Total Mass 338.1 kg
Warhead mass with Fuse 115 kg
Maximum Rocket Range 60+ km
Maximum Velocity 1130 m/s
Apogee 26.5 km
Time of Flight 150 s