Turbojet Engine TMM 40


TMM40 is a small expendable turbojet engine rated for 40daN of static thrust. It has been designed to meet the low-cost engine approach, but to keep thrust-to¬-weight and thrust-to-cross section ratio at a competitive level. Also, the design goal was that the engine could be easily resizable to bigger engines, up to 500daN.The engine consists of three stage axial compressor, annular combustion chamber with six injectors and axial turbine. Intake and exhaust nozzle modules can be modified for certain missile designs.


Overall dimensions and weight: Value
Weight (dry engine) 5.6 kg
Size (mm) LxD 560×150
ISA sea level conditions: Value
Maximum static thrust 40 daN
Specific fuel consumption 1.42 kg/daNh
Minimum engine life 10 h
Operating envelope: Value
Mach number 0/0.8
Altitude 0/5000 m
Max. rotor speed 90000 rpm
Fuel system: Value
Fuel specification MIL-T-5624
Technical characteristics: Value
Engine thrust 40 daN
Specific fuel consumption up to 1.5 kg/daNh
Dry engine mass up to 6 kg
Engine length up to 600 mm
Engine diameter up to 155 mm
Working life 10 h
Minimal number of starts 50
Oil system: Value
Altitude MIL-L-7808
Air/oil mist system or self lubricated bearings with grease.
Starting system:
Pyrotechnic cartridge
Pyrotechnic ignitor

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