Anti-Fire Set PPA-01


The system’s setup allows it to stay prepared for action for long periods of time. In this variant the starting system is based on the use of pyrotechnical cartridge. The hot gases impinge the turbine vanes and start the system. The system is energetically independent and is capable of preserving adequate area from fire in all conditions. In this variant the system works automatically (without operators).

Two operators can manually transport the anti fire set. Together they are capable of preparing it for operation and starting. Starting the set is done by a small two-stroke piston engine, which needs to be started manually. Primary filling of the suction tube with water is achieved by decreased pressure, which is very simple and fast. Ejector decreases the pressure in the suction tube.

In the situation where the water source is far from the fire area there is a possibility to serially connect large numbers of these anti fire sets. Working in the telegraph mode is very useful although very complicated. This mode needs sophisticated methods for conduction of fire slaking. Because of that, the main stone of the method is anti fire set and its control possibilities.

Scheme of serial anti fire sets connection.
The number of nodes depend on hydraulic loses.
The individual geometrical parameters are:H (m) horiyontal distance
V (m) vertical distance
S (m) hose length

Concept and characteristic of the anti-fire set:

  • Initial intake tube filling by ejector
  • Working with salt and fresh water
  • Two fuel system (diesel and gasoline)
  • Manual start
  • Possibility of serial connection
  • Digital control system
  • Manual transport (by two operators)
  • Transport by helicopter
  • Fuel filling during operation
  • Driven by turbo shaft engine
  • Integral lubrication system
  • Standard anti-fire armature
  • Dry mass ~70 kg
  • Nominal water flow rate 17,5 l/s
  • Nominal outlet pressure 17,5 bar
  • Suction height 6,5 m
  • Nominal pump speed 8,000 r/min

Concept and characteristic of the engine:

  • Turbo shaft engine
  • Nominal power 40 kW
  • Nominal speed 46 500 r/min
  • One stage radial compressor
  • One stage radial turbine
  • Annular combustion chamber
  • Air blast atomizers
  • Starting fuel- gasoline
  • Working fuel- diesel
  • Elastic rotor design
  • High surge stability
  • High combustion stability
  • Simple construction
  • Digital control system

Concept and characteristic of the water pump:

  • Working with fresh and salt water
  • Nominal speed 8000 r/min
  • Nominal outlet pressure 17,5 bar
  • Nominal flow rate 17,5 l/s
  • Suction height 6,5 m
  • Radial pump with anti cavitations inducer
  • Integral construction with gearbox