Spider Anti-Tank Missile System

SPIDER is a fiber optic guided “man in the loop” tactical missile. The missile is equipped with an imaging infrared seeker with “Fire, Observe and Update” operating mode. A fiber-optical cable connects the missile.

The missile uses a tandem warhead – two shaped charges, a precursor warhead to detonate any explosive reactive armor and a primary warhead to penetrate the underlying armor. The SPIDER missile tandem warhead can penetrate up to 1000 mm RHA (rolled homogeneous armor).

1. Homing Subsystem
2. Control Subsystem
3. Tandem HEAT Warhead
4. Control system actuators
5. Two phase solid propellant rocket motor
6. Fiber optic bobbin


Total body length 1.8m
Body diameter (caliber) 0.14m
Wingspan 0.84m
Weight 45kg at take-off / 35 kg in flight
Warhead type (proposed) Tandem HEAT warhead
Payload weight 8 kg
BOOSTER PROPULSION (Solid propellant boost engine)
Rocket boost thrust 2400N
Range 9km
Flight speed 200m/s
MAIN PROPULSION (Solid propellant sustainer phase)
Thrust 240N

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