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At EDePro, our genuine passion for innovative technologies is evident through the work we do. We do what we love and do it to make an impact that matters. Our doors are always open for highly motivated individuals who share that passion, have exceptional attention to detail, and have a desire to push the boundaries of technology and exploration. 

A culture of never-ending innovation, big picture thinking, continuous growth, recognition, and honoring great work at every stage of one’s career, along with a dynamic work environment is what makes our people great. Thus, making EDePro great. 

Ongoing learning and career development as an integral part of the company culture are rooted in our beginnings when EDePro was founded as the Laboratory for Jet Propulsion at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University in Belgrade.

Three decades later we remain true to our vision of being a learning center for innovation and ingenuity and home of top-class industry experts. Knowledge-sharing culture and opportunities to work with the best to solve critical industry issues, unleash unrivaled potentials to take your career to the next level. 

Today, the Company employs the representatives of a few generations of top-notch experts with advanced degrees in engineering and science, with over 10 PhDs, 14 MAs of science, many of whom are lecturers on undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University in Belgrade. 

Split across multiple locations in Belgrade/Serbia within a total of 15 divisions, at EDePro we pursue the philosophy of our own – from learning to leadership, from individual excellence to team success, from innovative ideas to best-in-class market solutions. We are a team of hundreds of dedicated and passionate professionals working together to make difference. We are EDePro.

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The greatest asset that every individual brings to our company is - thinking big. We empower you to challenge our points of view, we give you the freedom to pitch innovative and bold ideas, and we value and celebrate “shoot for the moon” ambitions. Because with us, your ideas matter.

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Dedicated, conscientious, and efficient individuals driven by results and upholding professional standards at all times. Putting your knowledge and competencies into action, acting with integrity, commitment and a high level of work ethic along with a problem-solving mindset are what EDePro people is all about.

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We believe in collective work and common goals while standing out as an individual. We are looking for skilled individuals willing to adhere to our philosophy of getting the job done collectively, valuing and helping each other prosper, with pride in being a part of the team. There is nothing, we can’t do together. 

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