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Small Advanced Guided Rocket (SAGR) is a product of EDePro’s ground-breaking in-house research &development program of delivering a full range of top-notch solutions to keep up with the incredibly fast evolution of modern defence operations. Always pushing the boundaries of modern industrial technology, we developed a 128mm, multirole, precision strike, a guided rocket that effectively neutralizes moving and stationary targets including medium-armed moving vehicles, small and patrol boats, command posts, and artillery firing positions. 

Guided autonomously on reflected laser energy, SAGR can be fired from ground and air launchers including fixed or rotary winged aircraft. It features lock-on-after-launch (LOAL) and lock-on-before-launch (LOBL) capabilities, enhanced built-in test, laser coding, and seeker detection range up to 10 kilometres, along with the capability of delayed and offset target lasing. 


A navigation system based on inertial navigation (INS) and GPS, and pre-set trajectory points from GCS & Impact Point Prediction guidance enable high accuracy and responsiveness to moving and stationary targets. Launcher communication allows mission initialisation by sending and receiving command status, target position data, and laser coding. 

With a minimum of 15 years shelf life, modular design that allows high scalability of launcher platform and warhead integration, along with high reliability, 128mm SAGR is setting the new industry benchmark in terms of performance, accuracy, and modularity. 



  • Maximum effective range: 12.7km (launching from the ground); 29km (aerial launching)
  • Communication with Ground Control Station (GCS) during Mission Setup 
  • Initial alignment based on inclinometer during Mission Setup 
  • Aided INS (AINS) Navigation based on INS, GPS (based on availability)
  • Mid-term guidance – trajectory guidance based on pre-set trajectory points from GCS & Impact Point Prediction guidance
  • The Seeker acquires the reflected laser beam on the expected range (>4 km) 
  • Terminal guidance based on Seeker signal 
  • Abort mission function: Automatic, based on predefined criteria
  • Blast fragmentation warhead
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