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Fifth-Generation Cruise Missile for Land Attacks

ALAS XX is a multipurpose surface-to-surface missile system, developed by Yugoimport SDPR for the Serbian Army. With top notch precision-strike capabilities, this guided system brings a considerable advantage to modern artillery units integrated with the modular self-propelled missile launcher MLRS M-18 OGANJ – which is the first Serbian artillery weapon capable of firing missiles. As for the vehicle’s capacity, each is capable of carrying between four and eight missile containers.

ALAS’s main advantage is the ability to fire in NLoS (Non-Line-of-Sight) scenarios, where its embedded IMU enables automatic guidance to the target. Given that it can receive target coordinates from a third party (UAV, drone or other target-detecting unit), ALAS is deemed a flagship of fifth-generation cruise missiles.

As for its matrix of sensors and effectors, it is designed for LoS (Line-of-Sight) targets and facilitates communication with other combat units. On top of that, they ensure its precision while removing the need for additional manoeuvres. ALAS XX has a maximum range of 25 km, while the missile can reach a cruising speed of 130150 m/s and a maximum altitude of 500 m.

In addition, the upcoming development phase will produce an integrated tandem warhead, capable of penetrating over 1000 mm of RHA and destroying hard targets, including facilities, tanks and other armoured vehicles. The warhead’s integrated-sensor system is advanced and highly efficient, which enables our customers to keep up with intelligent transformation of Armed Forces, as well as the ever-evolving military technology.


  • Integrated tandem warhead that can penetrate over 1000 mm of RHA
  • Initial alignment
  • AINS (Aided INS) based on the INS, GPS and altimeter (based on availability)
  • Midterm guidance based on the GCS’s preset trajectory points
  • Terminal guidance based on the homing head’s signal with an absolute accuracy of 1 m
  • Target detection range of up to 12 km
  • Target recognition range of up to 10 km
  • Tracking and lock-on range of up to 7 km
  • Target tracking can be aborted at any time during the flight
  • Target retracking, as well as setting a new target
  • Communication with the GCS (Ground Control Station) during the mission setup and flight
  • Continuous in-flight monitoring of all missile and communication and control subsystems (booster separation control, missile velocity control, warhead arming and disarming)
  • Mission abort (manual, via GCS, or automatic, based on predefined criteria)
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