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Always on the lookout for innovation, EDePro is dedicated to constant development of the next generation military solutions, whether through completely new in-house designed products or adding innovative features to existing ones. New powerful solution is the 262mm surface-to-surface G/MLRS - the HURRICANE. Each version, developed as an unguided artillery rocket R-262mm and a missile, stands for reliability, effectiveness and exceptional performance in its domain.

Intended for general fire support and action on tactical depth of enemy, the HURRICANE is designed with the ability to be installed on MLRS vehicles which can accommodate 2 launching modules each containing 6 tubes. It launches from a multi-barrel container-type launching rocket system. Blast fragmentation warhead consisting of steel shell, pre-fragmented elements and explosive charge, is activated by the impact fuse located at the front.

One of the main innovations of the project is a new, modern solid rocket motor with single propellant grain. With two types of propellant differing in burning rate, greater total motor impulse is provided, along with high-level loading factor, almost neutral burning and minimization of the sliver. Modern thermoplastic composite propellant demonstrates excellent energetic, mechanical and ageing characteristics.

The distinctive feature of the GMLRS version is the guidance system with aided INS (AINS) and GPS receiver. We developed a Guidance kit solution based on preset trajectory points from the GCS, flight path steering and impact point prediction (IPP), that transforms the Hurricane rocket into a missile. Additional 4 canards provide manoeuvrability and superior target engagement capabilities, securing the missile a prominent place and qualitative supremacy in the arsenal of modern guided weapons. 

More info about our Guidance Kit, you can read here.



  • Maximum effective range: 70.7 km
  • Launch vehicle capable of carrying 12 projectiles
  • Fast preparation for launching and simple use
  • Rocket motor with modern thermoplastic composite propellant
  • Guidance system based on flight path steering (FPS), impact point prediction (IPP) and GCS preset trajectory points (GMLRS version)
  • Enabled communication with the GCS during mission setup (GMLRS version)
  • Aided INS (AINS) based on INS or GPS depending on availability (GMLRS version)
  • 6 folded fins securing stability (MLRS version); spinning tail fins (GMLRS version)
  • Breaking ring for shorter range, firing over obstacles and landing with high impact angle (MLRS version)
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