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EDePro – the regional leader in propulsion systems solutions for solid propellant rockets, turbo jet-propelled UAV’s and missiles – is synonymous with innovation and technological creativity in developing advanced defence and space solutions. As one of the top Eastern European engineering hubs for research and development with an advanced manufacturing environment for serial production, trade, and modernization of rocket systems, artillery munitions, defence, and space equipment, we have been delivering value to our worldwide client base for over 30 years. 

It is our state-of-the-art technology for propellant rockets and G2000 artillery rockets, that confirms our strong domination and leading industry position in this part of Europe. Fostering an environment of engineering flexibility, technological empowerment, and original know-how, EDePro delivers premium quality, innovative, cost-effective solutions, products, and services for today’s world of ever-evolving defence industry. Dedicated to technological innovation and development of our own, in-house solutions, we shape a new, modern approach to defense and create a future that is intelligent.

Our Story
EDePro | Our Story

EDePro’s foundations were laid 30 years ago, with the opening of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University in Belgrade. Academic research and development of turbojet and rocket engines quickly transcended the limits of a university lab and marked the start of an exciting journey that led EDePro to grow into a successful, internationally renowned company in the field of R&D, serial production, trade in the new, and modernization of the existing rocket systems, along with the development of high-tech civilian applications and solutions for related industries.

Our Values
EDePro | Time on target
Time On Target

We are responsive, dynamic, and agile. We ideate, develop, test, communicate and deliver with plain accuracy and precision, with customers’ operational needs in mind.

EDePro | Trust

Integrity, responsibility, accountability, highest levels of focus on our partners and customers along with flawlessly executed solutions make us trustworthy partners to all our stakeholders.

EDePro | Skill

Our people are our most valued asset. We fuel our innovation by continuously investing in learning, skill-building, training, and development. Within our skill-based culture innovation thrives.

EDePro | Innovations

EDePro’s engineering flexibility enables the rapid development of effective solutions. Constantly looking ahead and anticipating market developments, our world-class engineers and niche experts can meet our client’s expectations for high performance, quality, reliability, efficiency, and speed in delivering defence tech products. 

We use our extensive knowledge and experience, not only to provide our customers with ground-breaking solutions of tomorrow but also to help them adapt, refine, strengthen and bring to life their existing or outdated defence systems in a cost-effective way. With our expertise in air-breathing engine subsystems, ground support equipment, onboard electronics, gas generators, and rocket motors we can assist our customers with special component designs through all stages of development – from concept to the final product. 

Aiming to strengthen development efforts in technologically less advanced countries, EDePro encourages and contributes to cross-border knowledge flow, with an on-demand transfer of rocket propulsion systems technologies.

Our People
EDePro | Our People

Growing the top talents over the years enabled us to reshape our industry and make our company stand as one of the leading organizations engaged in top-notch defence solutions. As one of the top regional engineering hubs, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of excellence and professionalism. EDePro‘s multi-generational team includes 11 PhDs, 111 Masters of Science, and specialists in the field of defence and security engineering, as well as educators at Belgrade’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, that are shaping the next generation of innovators. 

EDePro | CTA
"Our mission is to grow throughout scientific discovery, to create future-ready solutions, and foster the next generation of innovators."

Branislav Jojić
Founder & CEO