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Strsljen/Hornet X-01

The power of multi-mission for multi-domain operations

EDePro | Strsljen/Hornet X-01
NextGen Unmanned Aircraft as Imperative for Mission Success

The Stršljen/Hornet X-01 is not only the first Serbian unmanned, autonomous helicopter. It is also a product of EDePro’s unsurpassed expertise in next-gen unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology. Since the development of the first prototype in 2018, Hornet has been given several innovative features, designed to face today’s most demanding battlespace threats.

Its multi-mission performance, which includes observation, monitoring, surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic countermeasures and ground attack, makes this helicopter a game-changing solution in highly-demanding and critical missions. All these capabilities provide Stršljen/Hornet X-01 with a significant advantage compared to other similar UAV solutions.

Powered by a free-turbine turboshaft engine, this revolutionary air vehicle reaches a maximum flight speed of 180 km/h. Moreover, it has a low empty weight, due to its airframe composed of high-strength, fibre-reinforced composite materials and a high percentage of carbon. It also has a major advantage over similar UAV solutions, given its excellent performance, large endurance, a low acoustic signature, stealth technology and the ability to fly in fully autonomous flight mode from take-off to landing. The helicopter’s modular design enables a payload capacity of up to 350 kg, including sensors, fuel and armaments, while its advanced redundant structural and system design allows various implementations, both civil and military.

In addition, with customization available on demand, Hornet can meet the customer’s every requirement, thereby making every mission successful.


  • Hybrid structural design (with carbon, steel and aluminium alloys)
  • Carbon blades
  • Teetering rotors
  • A free-turbine turboshaft for reaching maximum speed
  • Automatic takeoff and landing
  • An optical gimbal mount (with an optional laser designator)
  • An X-band SAR radar (optional)
  • Fully automatic or manual flight
  • A fully customisable system equipment
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