Strsljen/Hornet X-01

The power of multi-mission in Multi-Domain Environment

EDePro | Strsljen/Hornet X-01
NextGen Unmanned Aircraft as Imperative for Mission Success

EDePro’s unsurpassed know-how in developing NextGen solutions of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology resulted in the first-ever Serbian unmanned, autonomous helicopter – Strsljen/Hornet X-01. 

Since the first prototype was developed in 2018, the Hornet adopted several ground-breaking features to address the most demanding battlespace threats of today and tomorrow. Hornet’s multi-mission performance, from observation, monitoring, surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic countermeasures, and ground attack, makes this helicopter a game-changing solution in highly demanding and critical missions. 

Powered by a turbo-shaft engine with a free turbine, this revolutionary air vehicle achieves a maximum flight speed of 180km/h. With an airframe composed of high-strength, fibre-reinforced composite materials, and a high degree of carbon, it possesses a relatively low empty weight. Excellent performance, lengthy flight endurance, a low noise signature, and the ability to fly in fully autonomous mode from take-off to landing, along with “radar invisibility” provide Hornet with an unmatched advantage compared to other similar UAV solutions. The helicopter’s modular design allows the carriage of payloads weighing up to 350kg, including sensors, fuel, and armament, while advanced redundant structural and system design enables its multirole applications, both civil and military. 

With a high level of customization on demand, Hornet can meet any customer’s specific requirements turning every mission into success.


  • Hybrid structural design    
  • Carbon, Allu Alloys, Steel
  • Carbon blades
  • Teethering rotors
  • Turboshaft Engine with Free Power Turbine for maximum speed
  • Automatic take-off and landing
  • Optical Gimbal (with optional laser designator
  • SAR X-Band Radar (optional) 
  • Fully automatic (waypoints) or manual flight
  • Fully Customizable System Equipment
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