MLRS G-2000 122mm, Grad rocket for Multiple Rocket Launcher System

MLRS G-2000 122mm

World’s longest-range rocket within its calibre

EDePro | MLRS G-2000 122mm
New Combat Role in Contemporary Warfare


Currently, the world’s longest-range rocket within its calibre, G-2000 is a result of EDePro’s original know-how applied in the process of upgrading one of the most iconic and mass-used rockets 122mm GRAD (9M22U/M-21OF).  Field-proven and highly reliable, with a Circular Error Probable (CEP) of less than 1%, G-2000 pushes the boundaries of modern defence technology, unlocking new combat capabilities in contemporary warfare.

Our G-2000 rockets have been in mass production for over ten years and currently are in service across military arsenals worldwide. This positions G-2000 among the top artillery rockets available today for an affordable 122mm rocket price. G-2000's robust performance comes from a doubled maximum range of the original 122mm GRAD rocket with 40.2 km, and a completely state-of-the-art design of rocket motor. Overall, the successful adherence to MIL-STD and GOST certifications not only underscores the technical excellence of the design but also enhances the trust and confidence in deploying these rockets in military arsenals.

The EDePro engineering team has achieved a significant milestone in modernising the design of the rocket motor, enhancing its performance and stability across a wide temperature range. This advancement is particularly notable due to the incorporation of two types of propellant, each with distinct burning rates, resulting in a high-level loading factor and nearly neutral burning characteristics. Furthermore, the rocket motor as an integral part can be assembled on standard old stock warheads, or as an overhaul to existing rocket stock of 122mm GRAD.

With over 30 years of expertise in developing 122mm rocket programmes, our company is currently expanding its 122mm portfolio, leveraging the proven capabilities of the G-2000. Our 122mm rocket specification offers a distinctive blend of extended range, efficiency at the target, and compatibility with existing 122mm GRAD launchers, enabling military forces to engage effectively across a broad spectrum of combat scenarios.


  • With extended range of 40.2 km and reliable precision G-2000 is widely recognized for its operational reliability;
  • Compatibility to all current operating 122mm launchers;
  • Meets all required certifications according to MIL-STD and GOST test standards;
  • HE warhead, along with its fuse design, remains unchanged from the original 122mm GRAD rocket configuration;
  • Adhering to environmental standards, the isolation process for all metallic components of the rocket excludes chemical elements such as Cd, Cr+6, Pb, and Ba;
  • Doesn’t require additional personnel training for successful operational performance.
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