MLRS Grad G-2000, Rocket 122 mm for Multiple Rocket Launcher System


World’s longest-range rocket within its calibre

EDePro | MLRS GRAD G - 2000
New Combat Role in Modern Warfare


Currently, the world’s longest-range rocket within its calibre, G-2000 is a result of EDePro’s own original know-how applied in the process of upgrading one of the most iconic and mass used rockets 122mm GRAD, to enable its compliance with requirements of modern and ever-evolving battlefield. Field-proven, a highly reliable rocket with the improved dispersion, of just 0.96% C.E.P. of maximum range, compared to the original M-21 rocket, G-2000 pushes the boundaries of modern industrial technology unlocking new tactical and strategic combat roles in modern warfare.

Increased stock life and conditions along with more robustness in storage temperature changes show perks of EDePro's new technology in the propellant manufacturing process.

The G-2000's robust performance comes from a doubled maximum range of the original GRAD rocket with unmatched 40.5 km, and a completely new state-of-the-art design of rocket motor, making G-2000 one of the leading artillery systems for maximizing ease of the most demanding operations. Motor as an integral part of the rocket can be assembled on standard old stock warheads, as an overhaul to existing rocket stock.

Our unguided rocket is in service of more than 10 operators worldwide, and more than 30.000 sold pieces across the globe set this technological masterpiece among the best artillery rockets on today’s market.


  • Multi launcher capabilities, modular or standard, with compatibility to all standard current operating 122mm launchers 
  • Doesn’t require additional personnel training for successful operational performance
  • The lifetime extended for another 10-15 years
  • Quick and easy upgrade
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