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Investing in education, research and innovation is investing in future. For EDePro, an ongoing dialogue with R&D centers, industry leaders, institutions and community are at the heart of company’s vision of creating innovation-driven society. We believe that integrated model of cooperation between decision makers, key industry partners and academia creates value for all participants in the chain – aligning research strengths, resources and academic education with industry needs, creating skill-based society and serving people and communities across the globe. 

EDePro has taken an active role in pursuing that goal, through membership and active cooperation with all relevant industry organizations among which are Department for Defense Technologies (Serbian Ministry of Defense), Serbian Defence Industry Group (SDI), Military Technical Institute, local and regional producers, as well as top country’s high-education institutions. Our ambitious vision of the company’s future is committed to encouraging a learning culture and its activities to enhance business operations and detecting new opportunities for cooperation to improve our performance.

University Collaboration
EDePro | University collaboration

As a company evolved from the University base foundation, EDePro’s strong collaboration with academia has been a hallmark since its beginnings. Company’s unwavering commitment to represent the bridge which connects academic community and industry is embodied through long-term support to country’s top rank universities – of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac. Placing ourselves as a knowledge sharing platform, we are addressing the growing demand for top class skilled innovators that will lead tomorrow’s technological and industrial progress. 

As a result of thirty-year long partnership with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, the oldest and largest educational and scientific institution in the area of mechanical engineering in Balkans, today, multiple academic programs in Basic, MAS and PhD studies are conducted with participation of EDePro experts and educators. With the authorization of the faculty, the company is providing experimental teaching in the field of jet propulsion for foreign language programs, and presents the possibilities of the faculty on global market, mediating enrollment of foreign students. Every year, a dozen of mechanical engineering students visits our production and experimental plants, with expert guidance of our most experienced engineers.

Cooperation model based on joint scientific research delivered numerous scientific publications, as well as great number of acknowledged technical solutions and company’s globally renowned products, such as first Serbian unmanned helicopter, unmanned aerial target, tip jet helicopter, and many other.

Labs & Innovation Centers
EDePro | Labs & Innovation Centers

EDePro’s commitment to be on the frontline of innovation, anticipating the future of technological and industrial development relies on our strong research and development ecosystem. Technologically advanced labs built in collaboration with industrial partners and university centers represent innovation incubators of its kind in this part of Europe. 

EDePro’s testing laboratories for turbojet engines, rocket motors and solid rocket propellants are the birthplace of company’s cutting-edge and globally recognized solutions. Laboratory for integrated control and measurement systems intended for work in the field of design of subsystems for guidance and control of aircraft, allows testing of navigation and guidance algorithms, while Laboratory for Hybrid Technical Systems examines complex mechatronic systems. Furthermore, for more than 15 years, our work with Innovation center based on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade is paving the pathway to stronger connection of science and economy as key indicator of higher competitiveness on the global market. 

Through solid partnership with Military Technical Institute (MTI), the greatest military research and development institution in our country, based on joint work on the development of new projects, mutual promotion and sales in local and foreign markets, EDePro is pursuing its vision to create synergies among innovation driven communities bringing together skills and expertise for better and safer societies. Because only ongoing dialogue, stable partnerships and shared values, can create true innovation and technological progress. 

Training & Education
EDePro | Training & Education

Today’s fast-changing world driven by digital transformation and technology development is more than ever demanding agile and dynamic response of organizations and willingness to adapt and transform their businesses in order to stay competitive across the markets. Skilling and reskilling through one’s careers and lifelong learning have never been more important in closing skills gap and securing sustained progress.

Education, research-driven work and knowledge sharing culture are integral part of EDePro’s business operations since the company’s first steps. Thirty years later, we are as devoted to this agenda, taking our role of company offering upgraded training programs closely connected with our know-how and applied technologies.

Applied training programs refer to an educational approach whereby students learn by directly applying skills, theories, and models in EDePro company. Students and course participants use knowledge and skills gained from traditional classroom learning to hands-on and real-company work settings, specific projects, independent or directed research.

On-the-job training (OJT) within EDePro is a practical approach to acquiring new competencies and skills needed for a job in a real working environment. During the OJT program, participants pass daily workloads providing required services in specific technology lines or processes. Real-work practice, simulated, or training environment with guidance from a supervisor, provides participants with a firsthand look at all the work procedures they can expect to encounter and complete their tasks successfully.

EDePro | CTA
"Our mission is to grow throwout scientific discovery, to create future-ready solutions, and foster the next generation of innovators."

Branislav Jojić
Founder & CEO