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EDePro | Gas turbine TJE-45
Dependable, Compact, High Performance Jet Engine


The TJE-45 has been developed as an expendable, robust and reliable jet engine with fewer components. The key parts of this engine are the centrifugal compressor, the radial turbine and the annular reverse-flow combustion chamber. The rotor components are arranged in a back-to-back concept, so that both ball bearings are inside the engine’s cold zone. The combustion chamber uses airblast atomizers, meaning that there are no sensitive elements that can cause failures and lastingly compromise the engine’s reliability.  Shortly after being displayed at the IDEX 21 exhibition in Abu Dhabi, the TJE-45 became one of the most popular jet engines on the market because of its robust design, small diameter (168 mm) and ability to run in harsh operating conditions.

With a maximum thrust of 43 daN and a maximum speed of 83,000 rpm, the engine is suitable for various target drones and cruise missiles. It comes with a 150 W generator, fuel system, pneumatic starter (or pyrostarter), electronic control unit and spark plug.

This engine can be easily adjusted to the customer’s needs thanks to its exchangeable nozzle. Adjustments can also be made to the engine mount, regardless of the request. Given our complete in-house development, production and testing, we offer a 360° approach to operations and maintenance of our customer’s solutions.


  • Maximum thrust: 43 daN
  • Maximum rotational speed: 83,000 rpm
  • Built-in generator power: 150 W
  • A compact back-to-back design
  • A pneumatic starter or pyrostarter
  • A robust design for military uses
  • Bearings placed in the engine’s cold zone
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