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In the demanding world of aerospace and defence industries there are many challenges and obstacles to be conquered. With more than 30 years of experience and unique approach in problem solving, EDePro company’s competence and success in delivering state-of-the-art solutions is changing the landscape of defence innovation.

It is our own ground-breaking propellant grain technology, which made us the leading company in Southeastern Europe – as well as the best partner you can find regarding custom solutions for solid rocket motors configurable to all your operational needs. Depending on the client's tactical and technical characteristics, our expert team will produce a high-quality, ready-to-use solution that meets and surpasses your expectations and requirements. 

Taking into account the solution’s chief purpose, such as - the rocket motor’s maximum allowed mass, the project schedule, the outer dimensions, the requirements for connectors and electrical circuit resistance, and any other specific requirement, EDePro delivers a high-end solution. By doing so, we will meet all of your key demands. And we will surely surpass your expectations.

Moreover, our service offers support for our clients’ each project stage. This includes making preliminary theoretical models (with the adequate tactical and technical characteristics), the internal testing (for the assessment of the product’s design), and the final acceptance tests, in accordance with the particular contract.


  • Fully-customised solutions
  • Solutions based on our widely-acknowledged propellant grain technology
  • Solution developed as per our clients’ tactical and technical requirements
  • Produced with the utmost care throughout the preliminary design, internal testing and final acceptance tests
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