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EDePro | PGB-128
A Gliding Bomb with Pinpoint Accuracy and Less Damage

Military technology is ever-changing and the design of precision-guided weapons changes with it, leading to more advanced, agile, affordable, lighter and more lethal air-deployed concepts. One of them is EDePro’s PGB-128 (Precision Gliding Bomb), a standoff precision-guided weapon that we developed and take great pride in as an ideal answer to the challenges of today’s combat aircraft.

Designed as an air-to-ground weapon, the PGB-128 is capable of engaging fixed, relocatable and moving targets with pinpoint accuracy and a decreased collateral damage. With its advanced data link, as well as navigation, guidance and homing technologies, it can rise to the challenges of the most critical attack missions.

But, these are not the PGB-128’s only advantages. Its 128 mm (5-inch calibre) round allows the strike aircraft to carry a higher number of the more accurate bombs. The modular design enables it to accommodate different warhead types, such as blast fragmentation, anti-armour or thermobaric. The PGB-128’s advanced flight performances were achieved by integrating an efficient DiamondBack wing assembly, which has an exceptionally light airframe. Apart from increasing the maximum operational range to 25 km, it enables a release altitude of 7620 m and a maximum speed of 200 m/s.

The weapon can be released from low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed aircraft and carried by NATO’s standard 14-inch lugs. With a GPS/INS guidance, as well as a SAL seeker system, its expected accuracy (CEP) is 1.5 m at all distances.


  • Allows carrying more bombs (for a 20 kg capacity)
  • Includes a composite airframe intended to exploit the gliding platform’s aerodynamic design
  • Includes the platform integrated as per MIL-STD-8591
  • Contains the GPS/INS with an optional additional SAL/IIR seeker
  • Employs pop-up, level toss and dive toss tactics
  • Includes a data link with air and ground equipment via in-flight internet (it has a remote sensor control from the ground, remote access to databases and augmented reality and shared whiteboard applications)
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