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Operational reliability as a success driver

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Innovative In-House Made Subsystems Upon Customer

Focusing on our customer's evolving mission needs and specific design requirements for trusted and qualified engines, in addition to design, manufacturing, and integration of rocket engines, we're developing, innovating, and integrating air-breathing propulsion systems.

A broad range of quality products incorporating adaptive propulsion technologies, high performance, and simple installation are supported through expendable and recoverable turbojet and turboprop engines as well as auxiliary power units, helping the operators maximize operational reliability.

EDePro’s Air-breathing propulsion operating unit develops foundational technologies for reliable tactical air-breathing propulsion systems, providing the highest level of customer service through technical support at any stage of your project – from design and development to production and advanced testing, including custom designs and modifications.

A full customer-centric approach, with our own laboratory facility for evaluating the engine at its operational limits, helps our clients overcome challenges of testing and simulation of final technical solutions and drive down costs across the entire development program. 

In addition to the custom design of air-breathing subsystems including fuel, oil, starting, and control system, we successfully respond to any custom requirements for design, production, and testing of complete turbojet or turboshaft or their components. Experience, innovation, and commercially available components for a minimum amount of time and costs.


  • Design, production and testing of gas turbine fuel system (includes working with various liquid and gaseous fuels)
  • Design, production and testing of gas turbine starting, oil and control systems
  • Design, production and testing of gas turbine components
  • Design, production and testing of test stands and complete laboratories
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