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Coastal 5th Generation Cruise Missile 
ALAS-C is a long-range multipurpose Surface-to-Surface missile system, born in a joint development between Yugoimport SDPR and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and designed for coastal defence system of the modern naval missions. Integrated on Nimr 6x6 tactical vehicle, ALAS-C is compatible with various land and ship platforms including boats and small ships with a heat and fragmentation warhead. ALAS-C is cost-effective and highly efficient in coastal actions against landing ships, patrol accompanying missiles, and other sea and river vessels. Individual and group actions of the naval and anti-landing type for the preparation of assaults, opening of passages, maintaining the pace of attacks, as well as neutralizing the coastal artillery of the enemy by action from the sea – are performances that make ALAS-C a solution for the new era of naval superiority. Like its family ALAS XX, C variant of the missile takes over the role of reconnaissance and guidance, due to its imaging homing head and optical cable, which enables observation of the target area, as well as their retrieval during the flight if the command operator decides. Performances of this powerful missile rely on 25 kilometres effective operational range, with the prospect of reaching 50 km. ALAS-C missile comes with two main types of advanced electro-optical homing head high-quality un-cooled imagining IR and TV homing head.


  • Blast fragmentation warhead. Safety arming mechanism with a proximity fuse
  • Initial alignment
  • Aided INS (AINS) Navigation based on INS, GPS, and altimeter (based on availability)
  • Midterm guidance – trajectory guidance based on pre-set trajectory points from GCS
  • Terminal guidance based on Homing Head signal has an absolute accuracy of 1 m
  • Target spotting maximum distance up to 12 km*
  • Target recognition maximum distance up to 10 km
  • Track & Lock-On target range up to 7 km
  • Target Tracking aborting is available at any time during the flight
  • Possibility of the target re-track for target detail tracking or for setting up the new target
  • Communication with Ground Control Station (GCS) during Mission Setup & Flight
  • Continuous in-flight monitoring of all missile and communication/control subsystems: (Booster motor separation control; Missile velocity control; Warhead arming and disarming);
  • Abort mission function (Manual, from GCS; Automatic, based on predefined criteria)
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