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The Best Anti-Tank Guided Weapon

Developed under the Spider family antitank missile system, SPIDER M is designed to defeat current and future threats in anti-armour combat. As the 5th generation of Anti-Tank Guided Weapon, the missile’s multi-purpose lethal structure and performances allow engagement against a broad range of targets from heavily armoured tanks to soft targets.

The indirect fire concept of the missile can be applied for target ranges from 2.000m to 5.500m, while the direct fire scenario is realized for the target ranges between 500 and 3.000m.

The main subsections of the missile system embody the latest technological advances in fighting vehicle armour, including tandem shaped- charged warhead for successful termination of Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA), with the front warhead destroying the reactive armour and enabling the main warhead free passage to penetrate the main body armour of the tank.

Advanced Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) subsystem include Command-Launching Unit (CLU), used for targeting and mission setup, while Surveillance unit (SU), provides target search, detection, and acquisition using a thermal uncooled camera with digital zoom, daylight camera, laser range finder, and GPS. The optical fiber provides up and down communication links throughout the engagement period, between the missile and the fire control system.

The launch tube assembly houses the missile and protects it from harsh environments. The tube has built-in electronics and a locking system that makes attachment and detachment of the missile to CLU a quick and simple process.


  • Integrated tandem warhead with penetration over 1.000 mm RHA
  • Midterm guidance – trajectory guidance based on pre-set trajectory points from GCS (INS/GPS)
  • Terminal guidance based on Imaging Infra-Red homing head
  • Direct fire possibilities – fire and forget up to 3.000m
  • Indirect fire possibilities – NLOS 2.000m-5.500m
  • Communication with Ground Control Station (GCS) in real-time
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