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Man-In-The-Loop Tactical Missile System

The Pauk/Spider is a modern, fibre-optic guided, tactical missile system intended to annihilate armoured military vehicles and artillery systems. This Man-In-the-Loop system is an advanced NLoS anti-tank missile produced by EDePro. It is designed to support the infantry by destroying armoured targets, as well as enemy artillery. Furthermore, its launching platform can be integrated with various ground vehicles.

The missile uses a tandem warhead with two shaped charges. The first one (the precursor warhead) can detonate any explosive reactive armour (RHA). Thanks to this charge, the primary warhead can penetrate through 1000 mm of underlying armour.

Moreover, with a 9 km range, the Pauk/Spider can develop a cruising speed of 200 m/s, and it can reach a 500 m altitude with the capability to destroy heavy battle tanks. The main subsections of its system include the homing head, the control subsystem, the warhead, the control system actuators, the rocket motor and the fibre-optic spool.

The missile is powered by a solid-propellant booster motor and a solid-propellant sustainer motor (which is the main propulsion system). While the booster can generate 2400 N of thrust, the sustainer can provide up to 240 N.


  • Design that enables launching from a ground vehicle
  • A tandem shaped charge warhead with front and main charges
  • An inertial navigation system (MEMS/GPS + on-board computer)
  • Terminal guidance based on the IIR/TV homing head
  • Direct fire capability (fire-and-forget) up to 3000 m
  • Indirect fire capability (NLoS) 2000 – 9000 m
  • Communication with the CLU via radio link (IIR HH or TV image with bidirectional data flow)
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