Enhanced armour combat at extended range

Based on High-end Performances of the SPIDER family

Like other missiles from the SPIDER family, the SPIDER H is designed for anti-tank and modern armoured vehicles attack, along with the possibility of hitting a lightly armoured target. Intended for launching from a helicopter platform, compared to SPIDER M, the H variant is characterized by an extended range of direct fire (fire and forget) up to 3.500m, while indirect fire (NLOS) of the missile is applicable for target ranges from 2.000 to impressive 11.000m. 

Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) subsystem, Tandem shaped-charge warhead including front and main charges for successful termination of Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA), Electronic Save Arming and Fusing (ESAF) subsystem, rocket motor with two levels of thrust and a radio link, were all developed to ensure SPIDER H total dominance on the battlefield.

With Imaging infrared (IIR) gimbaled homing head, precise target acquiring and tracking, programmed trajectory, warhead capable of penetrating over 1,000 mm RHA, SPIDER H develops a probability of hitting and destroying stationary and moving targets up to 90%. Accuracy, agility, and power in one solution. 


  • Tandem shaped-charge warhead includes front and main charges
  • Midterm guidance – Altimeter/GPS
  • Terminal guidance based on Imaging Infra-Red homing head / TV homing head
  • Direct fire possibilities (fire and forget) up to 3.500m
  • Indirect fire possibilities (NLOS) 2.000 —11.000m
  • Communication with CLU via radio link (IIR HH image or TV image and bi-directional data
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