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The Best Anti-Tank Guided Weapon

Developed under the Pauk/Spider missile family, Spider M variant is intended to destroy all threats in anti-armour combat. It is a man-portable anti-tank system (MANPADS), deployable by mounted and dismounted troops.  As the 5th generation guided weapon, the missile’s multi-purpose lethal structure and performances allow engagement against a broad range of targets, from soft targets to heavily armoured tanks. The missile’s indirect fire concept can be applied for target ranges from 2 km to 5.5 km. As for its direct fire scenario it ranges between 500 m and 3 km.

The missile system’s main subsections result from the latest anti-armour technological advances. This includes a tandem shaped charge warhead, designed to penetrate explosive reactive armour (ERA). It has a front warhead that destroys the ERA and enables the main warhead to pierce the tank’s main armour.

The advanced guidance, navigation and control (GNC) subsystem comprises the command launch unit (CLU), used for targeting and mission setup, and the surveillance unit (SU), which provides target search, detection and acquisition via a thermal uncooled camera with a digital zoom, daylight camera, laser range finder and GPS. The fibre-optic link allows the communication between the missile and the fire-control system throughout the engagement period.

The launch tube assembly houses the missile and protects it from harsh environments. The tube also has built-in electronics, as well as a locking system that makes attaching the missile to the CLU – and detaching it – a quick and simple process.


  • An integrated tandem warhead, capable of penetrating over 1000 mm of RHA
  • Midterm guidance – based on preset trajectory points from the GCS (INS/GPS)
  • Terminal guidance based on the IIR homing head
  • Direct fire capability – Fire-and-Forget up to 3km
  • Indirect fire capability (NLoS) between 2 km and 5.5 km
  • Real-time communication with the GCS
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