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Man-In-The-Loop Tactical Missile System

Spider is a fibre-optic guided, man-in-the-loop tactical missile system intended to destroy armoured military vehicles and artillery systems. Graded as a tactical NLOS system for backup of infantry action whose primary device is a modern guided projectile with its own propulsion, Spider is designed for battlefield isolation and anti-armour combat.

The missile uses a tandem warhead – two shaped charges, a precursor warhead to detonate any explosive reactive armour and a primary warhead to penetrate the underlying armour. Penetrating over 1,000 mm RHA, Spider develops a cruise speed of 200m/s, at an altitude of 500m, with the capability to destroy heavy battle tanks at a range of up to 9km.

The main subsections of the missile system include homing, control subsystem, warhead, control system actuators, rocket motor, and fibre-optic bobbin.

The missile is powered by a solid propellant boost engine (2400N of thrust) during the booster phase and by a solid propellant sustainer engine (240N) for the main propulsion.

The launch platform can be integrated into different types of ground vehicles.


  • Launched from ground vehicle
  • Tandem shaped-charge warhead includes front and main charges
  • Inertial Navigation System (MEMS/GPS + On-Board-Computer)
  • Terminal guidance based on Imaging Infra-Red homing head / TV homing head
  • Direct fire possibilities (fire and forget) up to 3.000m
  • Indirect fire possibilities (NLOS) 2.000 —9.000m
  • Communication with CLU via radio link (IIR HH image or TV image and bi-directional data)
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