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Effective and Efficient Weapon Delivery

Today's military market has a significant demand for guidance kits. At EDePro, we are aware that these kits play a crucial role in modern warfare, as they enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of a rocket or missile. Moreover, precision-guided weapons have become essential for achieving mission objectives with greater certainty, minimising collateral damage. That is why we began developing our own guidance and precision technologies to maintain a competitive edge on the battlefield.

The guidance kit employs various advanced technologies to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of munitions. It typically includes sensors, navigation systems, and control mechanisms that enable the projectile to navigate and adjust its trajectory during flight, ultimately increasing its effectiveness and reducing collateral damage. Another significant technical feature of the guidance kit is the inclusion of a device for global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).

An integrated satellite signal receiver (GNSS device) determines the location and speed of the rocket in real time. It corrects the inherent errors during the flight reducing the number of artillery projectiles required to hit the target. This is the notable feature of the guidance section of our missile system GMLRS 262mm Hurricane that provides its relevant position to keep up with industry trends.

The EDePro’s more advanced INS/GPS guidance kit helps calculate the projectile's current position, even when GPS signals are obstructed. This solution can rely on signals from the GPS to determine the projectile’s precise location and guide it to the target, with the firing accuracy at any range (CEP) less than 10m. The simpler guidance kit solution uses inertial navigation to correct the rocket’s flight in the first 40s of launch. The additional adjustments in design are necessary, both for the missile and launcher, and may vary depending on the particular requirements of the guidance kit solution.


  • Affordable solution for accurate navigation
  • improved targeting capabilities
  • demonstrated accuracy is less than 10m CEP with GPS
  • reduced number of projectiles required to execute a mission
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