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Missile development department

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EDePro’s Missile development department is engaged in development of hardware and software for missile application. During development process we perform comprehensive calibration & testing for missile onboard subsystems, namely Inertial Navigation Systems, Homing Heads, Mission Computer, Turbojet Controllers, Actuators & Ground Support Equipment. You will work real-time software development and integration, while using modern architectural concepts, model-based methodologies and software tool chains to deploy to critical code to existing single-core processors.


  • developing and testing software in software-only and hardware/software environments, including execution of integration tests to validate hardware to software interfaces, software to software interfaces, and functionality
  • analyzing the hardware, software, and system requirements and implementation
  • developing and testing code utilizing Model Based Design approaches
  • establishing development and test tools
  • identifying and resolving anomalies during test on various software- and system-level platforms
  • identifying and implementing required software modifications and participating in technical reviews/audits of software products


  • 2+ years of C/C++ experience
  • 1+ years of experience with embedded development
  • Solid knowledge of computer architecture and operating systems design principles
  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical engineering or Computer science is a plus
  • Experience with ARM Cortex microcontrollers is a plus
  • Experience in developing .NET desktop apps is a plus

Open until: 24th January 2024.

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The greatest asset that every individual brings to our company is - thinking big. We empower you to challenge our points of view, we give you the freedom to pitch innovative and bold ideas, and we value and celebrate “shoot for the moon” ambitions. Because with us, your ideas matter.

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Dedicated, conscientious, and efficient individuals driven by results and upholding professional standards at all times. Putting your knowledge and competencies into action, acting with integrity, commitment and a high level of work ethic along with a problem-solving mindset are what EDePro people is all about.

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We believe in collective work and common goals while standing out as an individual. We are looking for skilled individuals willing to adhere to our philosophy of getting the job done collectively, valuing and helping each other prosper, with pride in being a part of the team. There is nothing, we can’t do together. 

What makes us perfect for you?
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If You think You embody these values, EDePro is the place for You and Your career!

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