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EDePro | ALAS XX Triumph: One Strike, Precision Perfected at Whirlwind 2024
ALAS XX Triumph

One Strike, Precision Perfected at Whirlwind 2024

20 April, 2024

The Serbian Armed Forces conducted the joint tactical exercise "Whirlwind 2024," which included training activities for combat operations on land, in the air, and on inland waterways. Our company participated successfully and once again showcased the power and accuracy of the 5th generation multipurpose cruise missile, ALAS XX, with its precision strike capabilities. This guided munition for surface-to-surface deployment excelled in rigorous field tests, reaffirming its position as a leading tandem warhead missile capable of hitting targets up to 25 kilometres away.

The ALAS XX is a part of the ALAS family that we developed in cooperation with the state-owned company Yugoimport SDPR, with the aim to enhance the capabilities of the Serbian Army. Available in two main types, the ALAS missiles bring the latest advancements in artillery so as to meet today’s considerable defence challenges. Thanks to its INS (Inertial Navigation System) and imaging HH (homing head), the ALAS missile family is used to accurately track targets both on land and in water, as well as conduct low-profile flight over terrestrial terrain, while avoiding conventional radar-tracking.

This year EDePro marked the successful commencement of serial production for key subsystems of the ALAS missile system, signifying a notable achievement early in the year. This milestone underscores our company's steadfast dedication to excellence and innovation within the defence industry. More info you can read here.

Photo: Yugoimport SDPR