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UMEX 2024

Serbian Companies Take the Big Stage - Unveiling Groundbreaking UAV Solutions at UMEX

5 February, 2024

UMEX 2024 witnessed the joint success of Serbian company Green Power Turbine Systems (GPTS) and EDePro as they showcased their revolutionary aerial solutions at the esteemed event, hosted within GPTS's exhibition stand. The event, renowned as a leading convention in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), provided a dynamic platform for both Serbian companies to put on display cutting-edge innovations and visionary approach to aerial technology in front of over 30,000 enthusiasts and industry experts. 

Through collaboration with GPTS, we seized the opportunity to directly engage with end-users, stakeholders, and potential investors, eager to glean insights and feedback on its latest UAV innovations. The presentation highlighted the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of UAV technology and its role as a driving force in the sector’s dynamic growth. We proudly presented our gas turbines TJE-200 and TJE-45 and on-board electronics subsystems. 

The UMEX exhibition provided a rare and beneficial opportunity not only to present our innovative designs but also to fortify ongoing partnerships and spark conversations with prospective collaborators. It was a platform that allowed for in-depth discussions about the future of unmanned systems and their transformative potential across diverse industries. 

As EDePro continues its pursuit of innovation through strategic research and collaborative ventures, the company views its participation in UMEX as a pivotal milestone in its journey. 

We extend our appreciation to all attendees, partners, and prospective investors for their interest and support.