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EDePro | MANEVRI 2022: EDePro showcased the power of ALAS XX missile system

EDePro showcased the power of ALAS XX

9 November, 2022

In the joint exercise "Manevri 2022“, conducted by the Serbian Armed Forces, EDePro demonstrated the power and precision of its 5th generation multipurpose cruise missile - ALAS XX. A very successful demonstration with two precise strikes showcased the superiority of this surface-to-surface guided ammunition produced to further enhance the capability of the Serbian Army under the development of the state-owned company Yugoimport SDPR.

Intended for firing in Non-Line-of-Sight scenarios (NLoS), in the demanding field-testing ALAS XX once again proved to be top in the class of tandem warhead missile systems, capable of reaching targets within a range of 25 kilometres. The system is intended for integration in a modular self-propelled missile launcher “OGANJ”, the first Serbian artillery weapon capable of firing missiles.

EDePro is currently working on further enhancements of the missile, improving its performance and placing it among the top-notch solutions that transform the face of modern warfare.