EDePro showcases the new Spider missiles


EDePro | EDePro showcases the new Spider missiles

11 October, 2021

At Belgrade’s International Defence Exhibition PARTNER 2021 EDePro premiered the new Spider-M missile, a slightly smaller version of their original Spider, with significantly reduced weight. The system has a combined inertial+GPS guidance and is equipped with an infrared guidance head. The guidance allows shooting out of sight targets. The caliber of the missile is 145 mm, starting weight is 25 kg, and the maximum range is 5.5 km, with up to 3 km range in the "fire-and-forget" mode. It has a tandem warhead, and the penetration is up to 1000 mm of steel armor after passing through explosive-reactive armor.

EDePro also showed their G2000 missile which, alongside its G2000/52 upgrade, is considered to be the world’s best 122 mm caliber missile for a self-propelled multi-barrel rocket launcher.