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Edepro showcases new missile from Pauk/Spider family

11 October, 2021

At the PARTNER 2021 International Defence Exhibition held in Belgrade, EDePro showcased the new Pauk/Spider M missile, a slightly smaller version of the company’s original Pauk/Spider, with a significantly reduced mass. The missile has a combined guidance system (INS and GPS) and an infrared homing head, which allow reaching out of line-of-sight targets. The Pauk/Spider M is a 145mm calibre missile with an initial mass of 25 kg, a maximum range of 5.5 km, and a maximum range of 3 km in fire-and-forget mode. It also has a tandem-charge warhead, capable of penetrating up to 1000 mm of steel armour after passing through explosive reactive armour (ERA).

In addition, EDePro displayed its G-2000 rocket which, alongside the G-2000/52 upgrade, is considered to be the world’s best 122mm calibre rocket for a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher.