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EDePro | EDePro's Silver Jubilee
EDePro's Silver Jubilee

An anniversary message from our founder and CEO

11 February, 2022

Dear colleagues,

The road from coming up with an idea to implementing it can either be a road to ruin or a road to success. A good idea can last for years and centuries, and it demands faith, commitment, as well as perseverance. Putting an idea into action requires people who see that idea as their own and who are ready to confront everyday problems in order to obtain results. It needs people who are inquisitive and willing to spare no effort.

Exactly 25 years ago, on this day, we took the road to success with such an idea. This day is an important jubilee for all of us in EDePro and I wish to congratulate and thank you for giving your all during these years. Today, we are respected in Serbia and renowned in the world. Moreover, we are proud of all the results we have achieved. Today, perhaps more than ever, we need to share the same values and reach the same goals in order to strengthen the foundations for the future generations that will celebrate the golden jubilee.

In the next 25 years, we will have to be ready for all the changes that the future may bring, to be willing to share our knowledge, and to be unyielding while taking on challenges. We will also need to act wisely and gather good, competent and hard-working people with whom we share the same values – and to keep them in our team.

Long live EDePro!

Prof. dr Branislav Jojić