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EDePro | Serbian company sells missiles to Greece
DEFEA 2021

Serbian company sells missiles to Greece

15 July, 2021

At DEFEA, the largest defence exhibition in Southeast Europe, held in Athens, EDePro and Green Power Turbine Systems (GPTS) presented their latest achievements in missile guidance and control and turbojet propulsion. GPTS unveiled its range of turbine engines by showcasing its TJE-200 turbojet.

Furthermore, the Greek Army decided to buy the Serbian-made G-2000 rockets after carrying out successful tests in May of this year at the NAMFI test site in Crete. First showcased at the IDEX 2017 exhibition in Abu Dhabi, the G-2000 and the G-2000/52 are upgraded with a new engine, and their range is increased to 40 km – compared to the Russian original rocket with a 20 km range. They are compatible and can be launched from the same system, such as the BM-21 GRAD or the Slovak RM-70.

Image by Petar Vojinović via www.tangosix.rs