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EDePro | Strsljen/Hornet X-01 First Flight
Strsljen/Hornet X-01 First Flight

The Event that Marks a Milestone in the Development of Serbian VTOL

20 May, 2024

The Strsljen/Hornet X-01, an unmanned helicopter developed by EDePro, successfully completed its maiden flight at Vojka Airfield in Serbia, showcasing its advanced capabilities. This event marks a significant milestone in Serbian aviation history, as it is the first successful flight of a Serbian-made helicopter. Strsljen/Hornet X-01 represents the pinnacle of Serbian aircraft technology, making May 18th 2024 as a notable date for the nation's UAV helicopter achievements.

During its first flight, the Hornet, distinguished by its unique design, executed pre-flight checks, powered up its engine, activated its rotors, and took off autonomously without any onboard crew. The Hornet successfully performed its flight test in hovering, showcasing its vertical takeoff capabilities and fully autonomous features. 

The Hornet's launch signifies a pivotal turning point in EDePro's ongoing goal to offer unmanned aircraft technology that can address crucial challenges for both military and commercial clients. Since the first prototype in 2018, the Hornet has evolved to include features designed for the most challenging battlespace threats. Foremost designed as a military VTOL, this helicopter also excels in versatility, making it suitable for observation, surveillance, electronic countermeasures, and ground attack missions. It boasts a EDePro’s turboshaft gas turbine – TSE-200, a 180 km/h top speed, and a payload capacity of up to 350 kg. 

The inaugural flight of the Hornet X-01 not only showcases the unparalleled versatility and cutting-edge technology developed by EDePro, but also sets a new benchmark in the realm of Serbian UAV innovations. This achievement paves the way for a future where drone military helicopters play a key role in defence strategies.