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EDePro | Ground Control Station
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As UAVs and UASs are becoming common in modern military programmes relying on intelligence, surveillance and combat precision, having an advanced ground control station (GCS) within the command centre is crucial to every mission.

Our ground hardware and software enable the operators to manage and control UAVs, UGVs and missiles, whether by setting autonomous operation parameters and uploading mission plans by directly controlling the subsystems. The GCS can be used as a real-time data logger and, if necessary, for networking with other subsystems – with various customisations available.

Designed for wide application that requires human intervention, this solution can be fully configured according to the clients’ needs, allowing them to choose the operating system and platform, input device positions, communications protocols, and other features. In addition, this solution enables multiple ways of designing software architecture attributes in order to provide more flexibility, without volatility in the physical architecture.

Furthermore, the GCS is placed in a lightweight and highly portable rugged metal case, which makes the station easy to use even in harsh environments.


  • Mission preparation and upload
  • A mission planner
  • Real-time monitoring and flight protocol logging
  • Flight simulation
  • A portable GCS
  • A multiscreen system
  • A rugged protection
  • Available custom design
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