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North finder

Reliable and accurate determination of true north

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Quality Determined by Accuracy

In order to meet the high demands of today’s battlefields, superb performance, precision and reliability are of the utmost importance. At EDePro, we understand that only peak performance of solutions we deliver lead to successful missions of our clients. Apart from being fast and accurate, our navigation solutions are based on the latest technological advancements, the ones that make a major difference in the most critical missions, where precision is a must.

EDePro’s advanced North Finder is such a solution. It uses a gyrocompass to measure the true north, as well as the azimuth angle, which is relative to the true north. The device takes less than 10 minutes to provide highly accurate azimuth data.

Primarily intended for missile target aiming, the North Finder can be used for the launching platform alignment, the initial angular alignment, the IMU or any other use that requires a precise measurement of the true north in stationary conditions. The mechanical interface provides a precise reference surface for determining the north-facing output angle and the output direction angle is given in digital form.

The nature of our North Finder’s algorithm makes the device suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments. In addition, unlike the GPS Compass, the North Finder does not require RF signal reception or a large dual-band antenna.


  • Accuracy: 0.07o (1σ)
  • Standard communication interface: CAN bus
  • Optional communication interface: Ethernet UDP/IP, serial 
  • Power supply: unregulated, 28V (nominal), 18 – 36V
  • Dimensions: 150 x 250 x 150 mm
  • Operation: plug-and-play, maintenance-free, easy to install and integrate
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