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In-flight testing of the NextGen missiles

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Precision in Measurement of Distance Between Moving Objects

EDePro’s advanced telemetry solutions for missile flight testing are fully operational products, scalable and of high quality, designed to meet the testing and evaluation requirements of every modern missile.

The telemetry link provides a downlink for sending onboard data during flight testing, within a 10 km range. It can also sustain accelerations greater than 60 m/s2 during flight tests. This is particularly useful in short-range missiles, which have a high acceleration that causes the Doppler shift. On top of that, thanks to the robust demodulation techniques, this link is highly resilient to carrier frequency and data bit rate sweeps.

The link is positioned on an unlicensed frequency band of approximately 2.4 GHz, which makes it usable without spectrum allocation. It can operate on one of ten frequency channels separated by 200 kHz.

The ground receiver is powered by a rechargeable battery with more than 5 hours of autonomy. It can be connected to the PC through a serial interface for monitoring and analysing real-time data, which can be stored on an external memory for the post-flight analysis. Moreover, it can create a new data file whenever the data reception is interrupted by a pause longer than 60 seconds. This means that the receiver can be deployed in the correct terrain position, as well as left unattended during the battery’s autonomy.


  • Highly accurate measurements
  • Real-time data processing and fully-programmable command and control interfaces with an external system
  • Up to ten frequency channels
  • A bit rate of 110 kbit/s, with 84-byte network packets
  • High durability and autonomy
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