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In-flight testing of the NextGen missiles

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Precision in measurement of distance between moving objects

EDePro’s advanced telemetry solutions for missile in-flight testing represent high quality, fully operational and scalable products capable to meet testing and evaluation requirements of the next generation missles. 

Telemetry link provides down-link communication for sending the onboard data during the missile in-flight testing, within the range of 10 km. Short-range missiles typically generate high acceleration introducing variable Doppler shift. The robust demodulation techniques provide high resilience to sweeping carrier frequency and data bit rate, while down link sustaines accelerations greater than 60 m/s2 in the flight tests.

The link is positioned on the non-licensed frequency band around 2.4 GHz, which enables its usage without spectrum allocation permission. It can operate on one of ten frequency channels separated by 200 kHz.

The ground receiver is powered by a rechargeable battery with an autonomy of more than 5 hours, and it can be connected to the PC over a serial interface for real-time data monitoring and analysis, while received data can also be stored on external memory for the after flight analysis. Ability of the ground receiver to generate a new data file whenever the pause in the reception surpasses 60 seconds, enables its deployment on the appropriate terrain position and possibility to be left unattended for the whole autonomy period. 


  • High measurement accuracy
  • Realtime processing of data and fully-programmable command and control interfaces to an external system
  • Up to ten frequency channels 
  • 110 kbit/s of the net bit rate organized in the communication packages containing 84 bytes
  • High durability and autonomy 
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