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To supply power to the electronics and electric equipment in various systems incorporating gas turbines and other internal combustion engines, we, at EDePro Company, began developing our own systems for electric power generation. By replacing the battery with the electric power from the generator, in accordance with the engine’s working regime, we succeeded in meeting the demands for performance optimisation and for the reduction of both operating and maintenance costs.

Moving towards more electric solutions, our generator controllers proved to be effective regarding a wide range of applications. Taking their high scalability into account, they can also easily adapt to the customer’s requirements, whichever they may be.

For the time being, the generators are mainly based on BLDC motors working as permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSGs) – with rectifiers and generator controllers that are in-house products of the EDePro engineering team. Its system design enables the simultaneous charging of batteries and supplying electronics in the particular system. Our first generator controller has a nominal output power of 1kW, a maximum input rectified voltage of 55 V and a maximum output voltage of 25.4 V, while the nominal battery charging current is 10 A. Furthermore, we are working on a generator with a maximum nominal power of 150 W.


  • Permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSGs)
  • Ensured reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Engine speed measurement (rpm)
  • Rectified input voltage, battery voltage and battery capacity measurements
  • Communication lines: two RS232 and one CAN bus
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