Electromechanical actuation system

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Today's marketplace demands the superior performance of speed-responsive systems that rely on complex motion force engineers to find sophisticated solutions, overcome challenges and meet the highest performance criteria. Concerning these requirements and combining our knowledge and experience in the design, development, and production of complex actuation systems, we offer a 

The product range involves DC and BLDC motors, built-in position sensors, gearheads with all associated electronics, including various types of sensors and controllers in the most compact space for an exact fit to your application. Not only do the products fit specific applications, but also each actuation system involves simple installation and an intuitive communication interface for the end-user.

Our laboratory facility and dedicated personnel are ready to help our clients overcome not only challenges with various force or torque ranges needed by the application but also perform advanced testing and simulation of the final technical solution. Customized mechatronic units are engineered to provide high performance while being affordable, fully tailorable to your specific design requirements, and meeting quality standards required by aerospace & defense applications.


  • Custom designs with rapid prototyping
  • Meeting specific requirements in speed, torque, and power (from 1 W to a few kilowatts)
  • Missile steering actuation and electronic control systems
  • Single and multi-axis rate tables, radar platforms
  • Motion simulators for Inertial Navigation System testing and stabilized electro-optics
  • Robust and compact design
  • Meeting the demands in terms of mechanical dimensions, electrical options, and connections
  • Technical support, modifications, and simulation testing
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