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Homing Head

Tracking & Targeting: Class-leading reliability

EDePro | Homing Head
A Sophisticated AI Algorithms for Fifth-Generation Weapon Systems

EDePro’s highly effective, reliable and affordable missile hardware and software solutions are based on the latest technological advancements, and are designed to support our customers at every stage of their missions. Based on extensive experience in electro-optics and infrared systems, we develop cutting-edge targeting solutions that combine artificial intelligence with decision-making algorithms, thus constituting a fifth-generation weapon system.

The EDePro’s Homing Head embodies state-of-the-art scientific and technical solutions of image-processing algorithms augmented with artificial intelligence, which enables both visual and infrared target tracking. Due to the advanced manufacturing technology and high-performing hardware, our homing head can independently and simultaneously track up to four targets in real time, with the possibility of displaying target details or switching to another target in the visible field.

The homing head is fitted with modern digital cameras, both colour and monochrome, with resolutions of up to 1080p, frame rates of up to 60fps and other advanced characteristics that provide class-leading reliability. Its compact size and long shelf life – with a minimum of 10 years – are ensured by mounting that camera on a MEMS stabilised gimbal platform. Each homing head is separately calibrated, which guarantees a minimum gyroscope drift and a maximum stability, as well as a resistance to high disturbance levels and g-forces without compromise. It is also rigorously tested and granted all necessary electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certificates.

Our Homing Head solutions perfectly combine effectiveness, reliability, and affordability which are additional proof of this product’s qualities


  • Visual and infrared target tracking
  • Simultaneous tracking of up to four (4) targets
  • Colour and monochrome digital cameras (max. resolution: 1080p; max. frame rate: 60fps)
  • Compact size and a long shelf life
  • Minimised gyroscope drift and maximum stability
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