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Tracking & Targeting: Class-leading reliability

EDePro | Homing Head
AI and sophisticated algorithms for fifth-generation weapon system

EDePro’s highly effective, reliable, and affordable guided missiles hardware and software solutions are driven by our ongoing engineering and technological advancements, are designed to support our customers at every stage of their missions. Based on an extensive experience in Electro-Optics and Infrared Systems we develop cutting-edge targeting solutions that combine artificial intelligence and decision-making algorithms to create a fifth-generation weapon system.

EDePro Homing Head embodies state-of-the-art scientific and technical solutions of image processing algorithms augmented with artificial intelligence thus enabling target tracking in both visual and infra-red spectrum. Latest manufacturing technologies and high-performance hardware is used to achieve independent real-time simultaneous tracking of up to 4 targets, with the possibility to switch to target detail or another target in the visible field.

Modern digital cameras, both colour and monochrome with resolutions of up to 1080p and frame rates of up to 60fps, along with other advanced characteristics provide Homing Head with class-leading reliability. Compact size and long shelf life are achieved by mounting the camera on a MEMS stabilized gimbaled platform. Each homing head is separately calibrated thus ensuring minimal gyro drift and maximal stability, with ability to resist high disturbances and G-forces without compromise. Rigorously tested with at least 10 years shelf life and all necessary EM compatibility certificates, EDePro Homing Head solutions perfectly combine effectiveness, reliability, and affordability.


  • Target tracking in both visual and infra-red spectrum
  • Simultaneous tracking of up to 4 targets
  • Colour and monochrome digital cameras with res of up to 1080p and frame rates of up to 60fps
  • Compact size and long shelf life
  • Minimised gyro drift , and maximal stability
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