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Inertial Navigation System

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EDePro | Inertial Navigation System
A High-Performance System for a Wide Application

Long range missiles are war fighters capable of defeating key targets in a matter of minutes, even if they are hundreds of kilometres away. Such a high-speed moving system needs to operate with an incredible degree of precise manoeuvrability in order to carry out the most critical missions. With these requirements in our sights, we develop innovative and integrating navigation subsystems, state-of-the-art technologies in compact-size, to leverage performance and provide mission success even under the most difficult operating conditions.

EDePro’s Inertial Navigation System (INS) exploits strapdown INS navigation algorithm. Based on DTG high-precision strapdown flexible gyroscopes and quartz accelerometers, it uses a strapdown INS algorithm – or AINS, if the GPS is available – and enables the missile’s guidance and control functions.

Our advanced thermal protection with artificial cooling via thermoelectric modules (Peltier elements) makes the sensors and other electronics capable of withstanding extreme heat and speed, thus contributing to the INS’s remarkably high precision.

While facing the challenges of the ever-evolving defence industry, our clients can always count on our support. As accuracy and precision represent the cornerstone for projectile performance, we are devoted to the constant improvement of our solutions, combining our vast expertise and expanded integration capabilities along with the most innovative technologies to assist our clients to tackle the challenges of a fast-changing industry. It is an expertise to count on.


  • An improved accuracy of sensor signal conversion (a 24-bit analogue-to-digital converter)
  • An improved internal communication interface (a more reliable, native SPI)
  • An improved (full-range continuous) IMU calibration scheme
  • A more effective temperature control (analogue and current-driven instead of PWM, with a Peltier module/dedicated temperature control processor)
  • A separate processor for the INS algorithm
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