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Evolving and intelligent aerospace and defense world demands as intelligent solutions that provide usable data, clear picture of the battlefield and the highest degree of control to perform mission-critical assignments across the range of military operations. It is the point where advanced mission computer systems play an irreplacible role. 

Comprising hardware and software to work together, where real-time software reacts to events generated by the hardware and issues control signals in response to these events, Mission computer enables performance of specific complex tasks often used in mission-critical sectors.

With small sized, lightweight and rugged enclosure, the solution is widely applied as a control system, stability and control for UAVs, UGVs, missiles, inertial navigation and guidance. Our advanced design is based on ARM microcontrollers, MEMS, altimeter, inclinometer, input/output communication interfaces.
These custom-developed embedded computers offer high reliability with  low maintenance software system.

Rugged INS provides accurate position, velocity, acceleration and orientation under the most difficult conditions, while the fusion of the GNSS technology and MEMS IMU, powered by algorithms delivers the most accurate hybrid position, altitude and velocity data. Temperature calibrated accelerometers and gyroscopes, coupled in a sophisticated fusion algorithm provide high accuracy and reliability of navigation and control.


  • Sensor Processing
  • Mission Processing
  • On-board time synchronisation
  • Failure detection, isolation and recovery
  • Telemetry data management
  • The flight control algorithm
  • Guoidance and stabilization algorithms
  • Control of actuating mechanisms
  • Engine control
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