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Best in Class Power Density

The EDePro’s engineering team develops a new generation of Power Supply Unit (PSU) solutions to meet the need for seamless performance and long cycles of use for complex defence systems.

Extremely reliable in missile command and control systems, our PSU consists of ultracapacitors (UC), energy storage devices with a high power density, and a great endurance, as well as fast charging and discharging. One UC can give between 2.3 and 2.75 V from each cell, while its maximum storage voltage depends on the number of used UC cells – it can be between 9 and 75 V, which is in accordance with standard DC/DC converters (8:1). The desired output voltage is produced via serial connection between a number of cells. When it comes to the voltage source’s energy capacity, it depends entirely on the cells’ parallel connection.

Frequently used as replacements for lithium-ion batteries, the UCs bring much higher power density than batteries, have a longer service life and a wider operating temperature range. Moreover, once they are installed on the launcher, they can recharge within seconds, and that makes them ideal for systems requiring a constant supply of power – such as missile subsystems.  

The charger contains a DC/DC converter with a power of 600 W. It also gives control over the start and finish of the charging stage, signalises when the maximum charging level is reached and enables the discharge of the capacitor.


  • High power density that can replace batteries 
  • Fast charging and longer service life
  • Voltage: 9 – 75 V
  • No need for on-board power generation
  • No need for thermal protection
  • Aluminium PCB included
  • Enabled capacitor discharge
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