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EDePro engineering team develops new generation of power supply unit solutions to meet the need for seamless performance and long cycles of use of complex defence systems. 

Providing high reliability for missile command and control systems, power supply unit consists of ultracapacitors (UC) - energy storage devices that offer high power density, rapid charging and discharging, high reliability and long endurance. The UC gives 2.3V to 2.75V from each cell, while the maximum storage voltage is defined by the number of used UC cells, and can be in range from 9 up to 75V, which satisfies entrant range of standard DC/DC converters (8:1). The desired output voltage is obtained by serial connection of the appropriate number of cells and the desired energy capacity of the voltage source by parallel connection of these cells.

Widely used as replacement of lithium-ion batteries, UC brings much higher power density than batteries, which makes them ideal for high-drain applications like those found in functioning of missile subsystems. They are also characterized with longer service life, ability to recharge within seconds after installation on the launcher and excellent temperature performance.  

The charger contains DC/DC 600W converter, it offers control of charging start and end, possibility to discharge capacitor and signalization when maximum level of charging is achieved. 


  • High power density that can replace batteries 
  • Fast charging and longer service life
  • Maximum voltage from 9 up to 75V
  • Onboard electrical power generation is not required
  • Thermal protection is not needed
  • Aluminium made PCB 
  • Possibility of discharging capacitor
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