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Turbojet engine control unit

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EDePro | Turbojet engine control unit
The Heart of Engine Management

As a complex system that can operate in a variety of environments, the turbojet engine requires control systems based on modern technologies, especially automation, control technology and artificial intelligence. To ensure an optimal convergence of operations in all environmental conditions, the EDePro’s engineering team developed its own in-house Engine Control Unit (ECU), specifically designed for small gas turbine engines.

Simply put, the ECU is the central controller and the linchpin of engine management and it consists of several elements. Concerning our in-house ECU, all of these elements are examples of innovation in electronics – from printed circuit board (PCB) components to the microprocessor that can process the input from the engine sensors in real time, along with all other associated electronics.

The system’s design makes it notably compact, highly flexible and robust, as well as resistant to vibrations, shocks, and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, if the client has any specific requirements, this solution can be adapted accordingly.

The CAN (Controller Area Network) bus ensures the communication between the ECU and other devices. Simultaneously, it enables data collection, machine status monitoring, and real-time diagnostics of data outputs and other specified parameters modifications.


  • Three solenoid valves
  • Fuel pump
  • 24V electric starter motor
  • Two RPM sensors
  • Thermocouple
  • Glow plug
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