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Unguided Artillery Rocket with Maximum Performance

The unguided 107mm artillery rocket is designed to disable or destroy enemy forces on the battlefield, infantry units in concentration areas, on the march and in battle formations, military depots within the range area and logistics facilities.

Apart from the standard 107mm rocket, EDePro produces 107mm ER (extended range) rocket that achieves 11.5 km which is 35% increase compared to the original rocket. Both versions are fully compatible with all standard multiple rocket launchers for the respective calibre. Equipped with a rocket motor, HE warhead and fuse, 107mm ER is spin stabilised by six canted nozzles, and rotates with high angular velocity ensuring great accuracy.

Fuse UTI M84 SQ delays action point detonation for extended range 107mm rockets, safe at distances up to 12m. The modern thermoplastic composite propellant is not bonded with the walls of the combustion chamber, which enables easy and cost-effective overhaul.

Various flight tests fired at different ranges demonstrated accurate, effective and reliable fire power, claiming < 1% CEP at the maximum range. The quality assurance of the rocket motor can be checked at any point with static tests at EDePro, and rocket quality assurance in flight tests within available proving grounds, or at the customer’s facilities. With 107mm ER, EDePro offers its customers a combat-proven, accurate and low-cost solution that can address modern and future battlespace threats.


  • Multi launcher capabilities, with compatibility to all standard operating 107mm launchers 
  • Extended range
  • Modern thermoplastic composite propellant
  • Fragmentation warhead
  • Shell body design enables maximum fragmentary efficiency against the target
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